Friday, April 25, 2014

There are more WHAT than CD players?

New technology made to look like older technology gives me a giggle. I tried to buy a phone cover today that looked like a cassette tape. It was messed up and didn't fit. Bummer. There was also one that looked like an Instamatic camera. My saga of looking for a phone cover is perhaps a story for another day, but the bigger saga has been me looking for a CD player. Yeah, yeah, I hear ya. A CD player? A friend just posted a pic on faceyspace of the pile of CDs they’re getting rid of because they’ve gone all digital. I guess file this under #theaterkidproblems  #itunesmakesmenuts.
At least forty percent of our music collection is show soundtracks. Random show tunes can be fun, Pandora, shuffle, if you’re really lucky a friend with a karaoke set up or a piano and lots of scores. Super cast parties. My family plays a little game called Broadway Name That Tune with my parents’ satellite radio. But a lot of the time when I listen to a soundtrack I want to listen to the soundtrack, say Tarzan which is next for us, not most of the soundtrack…..except for the random song that iTunes decided was a separate album by Chester Gregory II, the actor who played Terk. Also there are those mythical “artists” known as Original Cast or Company. Choosing one of those is little better than shuffle, a bizzarro mish-mash of several different shows. Playing a disc involved firing up the laptop or Blu-ray player before I could listen and I found myself mostly listening in the car. I even kept carrying one disk back and forth from the car to the house to practice for recent auditions only to never listen to it inside. So I had a little birthday money and decided, “I’m getting a CD player, darn it.”
This idea occurred to me while tagging along with my parents who were looking for new appliances. They were looking at refrigerators. I would wander over to electronics. I saw one I liked and kept on the lookout for one in my price range as they continued their shopping at several stores. I wanted a small shelf system that we could also play the phones through if we wanted. It didn’t even have to dock because we’ll eventually want to upgrade the phones. I did finally buy one, happy birthday to me, but I told you all that to tell you this: I kid you not, I found a larger selection of turntables. Yes, turntables. As in for records. That’s messed up, y’all.